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Self Priming Close Coupled Senator

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PATS Ref No. 2440_2004
Pump :  Horizontal
Category :  SelfPriming
Pump Size :  50-40-145
Model :  Senator
Liquid Pumped :   Effluent
Flow Rate : 20  M3/HR
Head : 17  Metres
Temperature : 40  C
Materials Used : Anti-Static Polypropylene with Hastelloy Impeller & Shaft
Additional Information :


ATEX Group II Category 2

C/w 4 kw 2 pole motor, seal header tank and casing temperature sensor set at 50 deg C.

Internal re-circulating self-priming facility, with integral priming chamber.

Double mechanical seal with quench vessel mounted directly above the pump, operating at atmospheric pressure and arranged to self-recirculate the quench fluid through supply and return feed lines.

A temperature sensor is provided in the pump casing, to protect the pump from damage if the process fluid over heats. This should be connected to the motor control system to stop the motor in the event of over heating. The sensor is factory set to activate at a temperature of 50 deg C.

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