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PATS 'S' Series Vertical Sump Pump

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PATS Ref No. 2959_2006
Pump :  Vertical
Category :  VS4
Pump Size :  60-50-315
Model :  PATS 'S'
Liquid Pumped :   Foul Water
Flow Rate : 18  M3/HR
Head : 9.3  Metres
Temperature : 90  C
Materials Used : 316 St St
Additional Information :


Foul Water Lift Pump c/w 4kw 6 pole motor.

Dye Pen tested. Witness tested.

The PATS series 'S' is a range of vertical sump pumps with the hydraulic pump end custom designed for special operating conditions.

The mechanical assembly comprises a rigid line shaft, supporting column, supporting bearings and a discharge pipe assembly, all mounted on a supporting sole-plate. An appropriate thrust bearing assembly is mounted at the top end of the shaft and housed in the motor mounting stool.

The impeller is of the open type, thus being capable of passing a reasonable quantity of solids. In many instances however, a suction strainer is fitted to filter our larger solids. The complete assembly is of a rigid construction, being suitable for directly mounting on tanks and sumps.

End User - Petrochemical, Qatar









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