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Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump

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PATS Ref No. 2694_2005
Pump :  Horizontal
Category :  CloseCoupled
Pump Size :  50-25-160
Model :  CC
Liquid Pumped :   1600 PPM Sodium Hypochlorite in Sea Water
Flow Rate : 2.2 / 3  M3/HR
Head : 59  Metres
Temperature : 55  C
Materials Used : Titanium
Additional Information :


2 off close coupled centrifugal pumps c/w 6.3kw 2 pole motor on baseplate with seal header tank.

For use in a de-salination unit.

The use of casing foot mounted to small sub-baseplate enables the drive section including the motor to be withdrawn whilst leaving the casing in the pipe work.

PATS double titanium seal is fitted, with titanium seal header tank (unpressurised) incorporating float and rod to give easy visual indication of tank level.

End user - Singapore









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