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Vertical Sump Pump

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Top End

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Pump on test

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PATS Ref No. 4147-2010
Pump :  Vertical
Category :  VS4
Pump Size :  65-50-280
Model :  VS4 / RI
Liquid Pumped :   Oily Water Effluent
Flow Rate : 16.3  M3/HR
Head : 16.3  Metres
Temperature : 52  C
Materials Used : 316 Stainless Steel
Additional Information :


API Standard 610

Pumping & Technical Services Exclusive Design

2 off 10m Below mounting pumpsets with integral 316 Stainless steel support framework. This design allows these very long VS4 pumps to have a small footprint and weight whilst retaining the strength and rigidity of a much larger, heavier and more expensive pump.









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