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Submersible Pumps

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These types of pumps are widely available from volume manufacturer’s and Pumping and Technical Services Limited would not generally be involved in their supply unless a unit was required in an exotic material and could not easily be sourced elsewhere.

We are happy to undertake repairs of submersible pumps.



Submersible pumps are designed for the complete pump and drive motor to be totally
submerged and are used for pumping liquid out of sumps and tanks.

They are normally electrically driven but can also be supplied with air or hydraulic drive

A double mechanical seal is normally incorporated, with an oil filled chamber for lubrication
and cooling of the seals.

Electric motor driven units usually rely on the pumped liquid for cooling and cannot be run
'dry' for any length of time.

On clean liquid applications, shrouded design impellers can be used.

When the liquid contains solids or abrasive particles, open impellers are used. For higher
concentrations of solids and effluents containing stringy matter which cause clogging,
recessed or single channel impellers can be supplied.

The pump is suspended on a chain and lowered into position, standing on feet provided on
the pump casing.

A flexible delivery pipe is normally used.

A rail is installed in the sump or tank, down which the pump is lowered onto a bracket
mounted at the bottom, to which the delivery pipe is connected.

The pump outlet connection is fitted with a rubber seal which engages a port on the fixed
bracket, allowing fluid to pass into the delivery pipe.

This type of Submersible Pump can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.




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